Arnold S. Leonard Cancer Research Fund

Arnold S. Leonard, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Leonard was Professor of Surgery at the University of Minnesota and Head of the Pediatric Surgery Department. He has devoted himself entirely to cancer research in genetic engineering, boosting the immune system with human interleukin-2 gene. An Endowed Scholar Chair has been placed in Dr. Leonard’s name in the Surgery Department at the University of Minnesota, and he has also received the Wangensteen Award for Academic Excellence. Dr. Leonard belongs to the major surgical societies, and continues to lecture throughout the world on the importance of the immune system and its relationship to cancer. He has written over 260 articles and books.

Arnold S. Leonard, M.D., Ph.D.

We can turn your unwanted new or used household stuff into cash for cancer research!

Do you have anything stuffed into your closet or garage that you can donate? We would love your new, used, vintage or collectible household items, tools, building materials, tractors, clothes, furniture, boats, property, hunting/fishing/outdoor gear, vehicles, electronics, tackle, nature prints, artwork, resort stays, jewelry, watches, dishes, memorabilia, sporting goods, or any items you think could raise funds to help fight cancer!

All donations are 100% tax-deductible and you will be issued a receipt. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office. We can schedule a pick-up for your donations (MN area), or you can send them to our office address. 


Donation Acknowledgements

Did you know that when you donate to the ASL Cancer Research Fund, you can make your donation in honor of someone, or in memory of someone, and we will send them or their family a nice acknowledgement letter personally signed by Dr. Leonard stating who the donation was given by? This is a great … More

Dr. Leonard signing books at the Amplatz Children’s Hospital


Click here for a great video explaining the genetic engineering in the lab:

Dr. Leonard’s New Book

“Through the Portals of Pigs and Manure, The Story of the Minnesota Influence on American Surgery”   Dr. Leonard’s book is now available and can be purchased here for $14.99. All proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit the Arnold S. Leonard Cancer Research Fund. $14.99, pay via PayPal Check out the book’s … More

Mission Statement

The Arnold S. Leonard Cancer Research Fund raises funds to directly support cancer research in genetic engineering taking place at the University of Minnesota bioengineering lab.

Laboratory and Clinical Trial Update

July 2013 Progress in the lab continues to go extremely well.  They have now constructed 18 new salmonella fighting cancer strains and are in the process of testing which one will contain the most powerful anti-cancer effect.  We really appreciate your interest in this project and research.  We are extremely hopeful that we will have … More

Alumni Philanthropy and Service Award

It was quite inspirational seeing Dr. Leonard acknowledged among the most influential University of Minnesota Medical School alumni October 15th, 2010. The University of Minnesota Medical Alumni Society hosted the Alumni Celebration Banquet where Dr. Leonard was awarded with the Alumni Philanthropy and Service Award, in honor of his significant medical and philanthropic contributions to … More

Bob Dixon Turkey Vest Fundraiser

In 2006, Mossy Oak created a Turkey Vest that they produced and sold as a fundraiser for the Arnold S. Leonard Cancer Research Fund in memory of Bob Dixon. Bob Dixon was a great humanitarian and friend to Dr. Leonard until he passed away with cancer in 2003. Mossy Oak donated over $50,000 from this … More