November 2020


Are you ready for some GOOD NEWS in 2020? 

Leonard/Saltzman Cancer Research Lab Update:

The lab has accomplished reduction of tumor growth and extension of life in mice with cancer, and are now working to improve this therapy before embarking on clinical trials in humans. They are working to optimize the amounts and timing of administration of each element of the therapy to achieve the greatest possible anticancer effect. Once they have completed this work, they will change the proteins secreted by the bacteria from mouse to human and proceed to clinical trials.


Dr. Leonard’s Cancer Research Fund Update:

We did it. YOU did it! We have reached our 2020 fundraising goal of $125,000 to receive the full amount of matching funds offered by Hubbard Broadcasting for a total of $250,000 for cancer research. Because of your awesomeness, the cancer research lab is funded for another year, a VERY IMPORTANT year, where we hope to see the research move from bench to bedside.

Thank you so much each and every one of you. As you know, every single donated dollar goes directly to the lab (since Dr. Leonard personally funds all administrative and office expenses) and each donation big or small contributed to the success of our 2020 fundraising. THANK YOU! With the cancellation of our primary fundraiser and effects of the pandemic, we were unsure if we could meet the goal. We didn’t have to worry, as Dr. Leonard’s individual supporters, Corporate Sponsors, and the hunting community stepped up as they consistently do. We are so grateful. 

What’s Next?

We sincerely wish you and your families health and happiness in whatever form that takes this season. We are looking forward to gathering again together for Doc’s Cancer Shootout on Thursday, April 15th, 2021, and hope the pandemic will allow for us to do so safely. Until then, please stay safe and enjoy the simple things in life that the pandemic has helped us realize. Dr. Leonard sends his deepest gratitude for your support in 2020, and best wishes for you and your family in 2021.


Take Care,