May 2019


Well folks… you have done it again! Doc is humbly amazed, and so happy, at the steadfastness of this sturdy group of friends (YOU!) and all of our cancer fund supporters.

The $125,000 matching funds challenge from Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation has been reached…and surpassed!

Your gifts will be a part of the $250,000 that is being sent to the lab to fund another year of cancer research. 

For those of you who:

  • Make personal donations of ANY amount year-round
  • Donate products for the auctions and raffles
  • Provide Corporate Sponsorships
  • Attend Doc’s Cancer Shootout (and bring others)
  • Volunteer at the event
  • Serve on the ASLCRF Board of Trustees

THANK YOU! From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate YOU.

Each part is necessary to make the whole thing work. You are our heroes.

SAVE THE DATE:Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 is the next Doc’s Cancer Shootout.

Minnesota Vikings player Aviante Collins attended Doc’s Cancer Shootout this year, and has chosen Dr. Leonard’s Cancer Research Fund as his foundation of choice. In the 2019/2020 NFL season, Aviante will be wearing our logo and we will be receiving some publicity from the NFL to help raise awareness of Dr. Leonard’s Cancer Research. Thank you Aviante!

So, Happy Spring everyone.The blizzards are done and April showers will bring Doc’s spring flowers and you know where he and I will be for the next month (in the garden)! Give us a call if you would like to invitation to the next Lab Tour when it is scheduled sometime in the next few months as well.


Take Care and Thank YOU,

Bonnie and Doc