Marching Forward in 2022


As we look forward to a new year, we want to provide you with an update from the research lab. For those of you who are not doctors or researchers it can sound complicated, but in a nutshell, here is what the lab research is striving to achieve.

The goal is to develop a cancer therapy which will eliminate tumors and establish a memory response within the immune system. This will guard against return of the cancer. The therapy will eliminate or highly reduce the debilitating and toxic side effects associated with current cancer treatment methods.

How is this achieved?

The lab uses genetically engineered strains of bacteria, which upon arrival at the tumor secretes immune stimulation protein directly into the cancer tumor. These bacteria are engineered with a regulatory switch that occurs only when the bacteria senses it is within a tumor environment, causing the bacteria to secrete the anticancer proteins. This method avoids overstimulation of the immune system in other parts of the body thus reducing the side effects.

Our focus in 2022

Experiments are proceeding to:

  • Determine the best strain of bacteria
  • Optimize the amount of each protein secreted into tumors by adjusting the DNA sequence in the bacteria
  • Determine the optimal design of this therapy in combination with drugs that will increase the ability of the bacteria to colonize tumors.

Once the results of these experiments are completed, this therapy will move from the laboratory to the clinic and on to human trials. The future is bright, and we cannot say thank you enough for your ongoing support. As a reminder, every dollar that you donate goes directly to the lab, that is 100%.

Funding the Cancer Research Lab

For the past 30 years, Dr. Leonard’s Cancer Research Fund has been the primary source of funding for the Leonard/Saltzman Cancer Research Lab. It costs approximate $250,000 to keep the lab running each year, and this amount has been reached year after year with the generosity of our donors like you, who are responsible for helping advance this research to Human Clinical Trials. Matching funds from Hubbard Broadcasting for the past 6 years has also been a critical fundraising tool that we appreciate very much. Thank you ALL for your steadfast confidence and contributions to this cause.


Doc’s Cancer Shootout

April 14th, 2022 is Doc’s Cancer Shootout at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club. This is our primary fundraiser each year, and after a 2 year pause due to the pandemic, we are back on track for an in person event.

We are currently looking for in-kind donations of products, services, and gift cards to raise funds with our auctions and raffles.

Corporate Sponsorships are available NOW!

Sign up now (under the events tab on our website) for the Hungarian Driven Shoot, Sporting Clays, or just the dinner/auctions/raffles portion of the day. Come on out to say Hello to Dr. Leonard and go home with some fabulous prizes!

You can donate, sponsor, and register by contacting Bonnie in Dr. Leonard’s office at 612-280-6244, or by email, or online at