The Basics:
The lab is researching how to use salmonella to transport cancer-fighting drugs to tumors. Unlike current practices to kill cancer, this method causes no side effects.

How it Works:
Salmonella has a natural attraction to cancer cells.

The bacteria can be genetically modified so that it doesn’t cause food poisoning, which is what we typically associate salmonella with.

By adding the cancer-fighting drugs to salmonella, the bacteria goes directly to the tumor sites and disable its ability to survive.

Delivering cancer-fighting drugs only to the tumor allows the healthy cells surrounding the tumor to not be affected. This means no side effects, safer delivery, and – most importantly – patients are able to tolerate treatment much easier than traditional methods.

The Statistics:
90% reduction in tumor size and weight in a primary tumor model (Neuroblastoma).

60-90% reduction in tumor size, weight, and number in a Metastic tumor model.

Your Contribution:
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