Be Our Hero: A Message from Dr. Leonard

We know that the  COVID-19 crisis is greatly affecting ALL of us, and we sincerely hope this note finds you healthy, in these difficult times.

JUST IN: Doc’s Cancer Shootout has been rescheduled for Monday, September 21st, 2020!

Together, we can reach the goal of $125,000, which becomes $250,000 with the matching funds, to successfully fund the Leonard/Saltzman Cancer Research Lab for another year. The only way this can happen is by the generosity of our donors and community.

We are hoping you will attend the shoot, becoming a Corporate Sponsor, or make a contribution to “Doc’s Cancer Shootout”. We are very much looking forward to September 21st, when we can once again gather to celebrate together, the advances that have been made in the cancer research over the past year, while raising funds for the year to come.

Donations can be sent to the address above or made online here.

Registration is open at

Some of you may have already donated cash, in kind products or services, Corporate Sponsorships, or registered for the 2020 fundraiser. THANK YOU.

Remember, 100% of funds raised go directly to the cancer research as Dr. Leonard personally covers all administrative costs to the cancer fund.

The cancer research lab has been able to continue the important work in the lab during the covid-19 crisis. They are currently in the end, cure-ative stage of developing an innovative cancer therapy. As the primary source of funding for the lab, the Arnold S. Leonard Cancer Research Fund is vital to the success of the research lab and your contributions are meaningful gifts to ensure the completion of Dr. Leonard’s lifelong cancer therapy project, and help bring the world this innovative cancer treatment therapy that is proving in the lab to be highly effective while producing no side effects.

The side effects of current cancer therapies do not allow therapies to be applied aggressively enough to save the lives of most patients. So, the most important work now in the Leonard/Saltzman lab is minimizing toxicity by creating the “best bug” and optimizing this “bug” for tumor targeting. This is accomplished by hundreds of experiments with different combinations of the genetically engineered materials. The lab is working hard to push the science to reach the very best combination of optimal tumor targeting with minimal toxicity.

There are brighter days ahead, and the need for a non-toxic cancer therapy has not diminished as we look toward the other side of side of this crisis. We hope you will consider helping us during these difficult times.

Sincerely Yours,

Arnold S. Leonard, M.D., Ph.D.
Arnold S. Leonard Cancer Research Fund